Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning

We use hot water extraction to most effectively extract dirt, pollutants, bacteria, odours and allergens. Our special cleaning and rinsing solutions are environmentally safe, leaving your carpet softer and cleaner with minimum residue.

This 7-step process is the method considered by the Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 3733) to provide the superior clean and the one often required for warranty considerations.

1. Pre-inspection and fibre identification
2. Dry high-powered vacuum to remove loose debris
3. Careful placement of furniture
4. Pre-spray detergent and fibre agitation
5. Spot clean any stains and marks
6. Hot water steam extraction, using emulsion in rinse water
7. Final grooming to remove cleaning marks, improve appearance and reduce drying time

Optional Services

Fabric Protection

Our water-based protector provides durable stain shielding and wet spill beading for carpet and upholstery. Application also helps to discourage dust mites and allergens.

As dust and exhaust gasses are repelled vacuum cleaning effectiveness is improved. The substance does not affect fire retardants and forms a strong bond with the fibers so that it can be steam cleaned up to four times between applications.


An eco-friendly treatment which reduces the tendency of synthetic carpet to produce static.

Static can be generated in two ways: by friction such as with shoes, and by induction, where a large electrical field can build up around photocopiers, computers and large electrical equipment.

Low humidity increases static. The weather, air conditioning or heating turned up too high can dry out the natural moisture level of carpet fibres, which normally assist in conducting static away.

Synthetic fibres and vinyl surfaces cause the highest static build up and, to a lesser extent, wool and wool blend carpets in the ‘static season’ of low humidity.

Our anti-static treatment is economical and not only immediately stops the static but retains the anti-static performance and durability for long periods. The two mechanisms used are water pickup by the hydroscopic action and charge neutralisation and disruption by ionic charging of the surfaces or carpet fibres.

Caravan and Boat Carpet

Because our equipment is portable we can easily access small and difficult to reach areas such as on a marina or jetty. The compact areas of carpet and bedding in caravans and boats can be difficult to keep clean and can become an ideal environment for bacteria or mould to grow.

We can steam clean boat and caravan carpet, upholstery and bedding, as well as treat it with dust mite anti-allergen and/or fire retardant, all in one visit!

Anti-Allergen Treatment

Dust mite and pet allergens are a leading cause of allergies. An estimated 40% of the population are affected by allergies, which can have serious health consequences, and this is on the increase. The bedroom is particularly vulnerable. We shed skin scales, dust mite food, into our linen, pillows, mattress and carpet and so these are ideal breeding grounds for dust mites.

The first priority is to thoroughly clean the home with a Hepa-filtration vacuum cleaner, in particular, mattresses, carpet, rugs and upholstery. This is followed by hot water extraction and drying with an air mover.

We then treat with Dust Mite Anti-Allergen to deactivate the allergen, Der p1, found in dust mite and cockroach droppings. Dust Mite Anti-Allergen is derived from naturally occurring extracts found in plants and trees. It does not contain perfumes, solvents, phosphates or any hazardous material.

Fire Retardant

This is a treatment well worth considering, particularly in rooms used by children and the elderly. It is a straightforward process, which dramatically reduces the tendency for carpet, curtains, and fabric, paper or cardboard to burn.

• Schools
• Day Care Centres
• Nursing Homes
• Restaurants
• Homes
• Public Spaces

Gym and Yoga mats

Consider a monthly service to keep gym and yoga studio mats odour and bacteria free and to increase the life of the mats.