Gutter Cleaning

• Extend the life of your gutter and roof by preventing rust and degradation.
• Blockages can lead to water penetration into the roof cavity, which can be costly to repair
• Prevention of mould growth – spores are transmittable by air
• Wet debris can lead to pressure and distortion of the gutter system-minimising fall.
• Minimise fire hazard in bushfire prone areas
• Blocked gutters can provide a breeding ground for vermin and mosquitoes
• Prevention is better than cure – we can program a gutter check, 6 monthly or more frequently

Gardening Cleaning

Lawn care, hedge trimming, pruning and vegetation removal. The Aqua Clean Team can keep your grounds looking their best either as required or on an ongoing maintenance program.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel companies recommend cleaning every 6 months to remove dust, mould, salt spray, bird and bat droppings and street pollution.

• Expecting rainwater to leave your panels clean is like expecting rain to wash your car.
• Chemicals and detergent will leave a film, which can adversely affect efficiency.
• Efficiency can be increased by 25% following a clean using our system with water fed telescopic poles and soft bristle brushes.
• As we do not use chemical or detergent your tank water supply will not be affected and the panels are left spotless.

Initial and/or Final Cleaning & Spring Cleaning of your Premises

Let us take care of everything! We have the equipment and know how to attend to everything you would like done.

Graffiti Removal & Cleaning

The Aqua Clean Teams commitment to environmental sustainability has led to the use of newly innovated products which are able to remove deep stains from most substrates without damaging the underlying surface.

Our graffiti removal products are phosphate free, non toxic, non polluting, non aerosol and low water consumption and produce amazing results.

If you have problems with surfaces frequently being vandalised with graffiti – apply an Anti Graffiti coating to the surface to limit the adherence of graffiti, making graffiti removal faster and easier than ever before.

Pest Control

 A one-off or regular pest (spiders, rat, mouse, cockroach, possum and termite) control service can be coordinated with an affiliated company we are proud to endorse.