Window Cleaning

Sparkling clean windows transform the atmosphere of a home or office space in the same way a rainstorm clears the air.
The Aqua Clean Team use both the traditional cleaning method as well as state-of-the-art pure water fed pole technique.

Traditional Window Cleaning
This is the method we use when cleaning interior glass.
It is also best used where special attention is needed, such as on leadlight or to remove handprints.

We use a selection of specialised tools and techniques to suit each situation to ensure the best result. The window is first washed with pure water and an eco-friendly detergent. Then the solution is removed with a squeegee, along with the dissolved dirt, leaving the window sparkling clean.

Frames and sills are then wiped down to complete the process and the result never fails to impress!

State-of-the-Art pure Water-fed Pole Technique
This is the method used to reach external high windows and frames, up to four storeys. There is no need for scaffolding, hydraulic platforms or rope equipment, so it is a safer, faster and much more economical approach, using specialised brushes on water-fed, telescopic poles.

Highly purified water is used, reducing the impact of chemicals on the environment and producing a longer lasting, streak-free result. We also have an additive we use in a very minimal amount with our customised mixer to powerfully remove stubborn marks like bird mess or snail trails