Frequently Asked Questions

What is your guarantee?

We take great pride in our work and guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our workmanship and conduct or you won’t be charged! If anything at all is not acceptable we will redo the work.

Do I have to be home?

No, we have a reputation to uphold and trustworthiness and reliability is of prime importance to every member of our team. We are happy to provide references attesting to our honesty and responsible conduct.

Do we reschedule if it is raining on the day of my window cleaning appointment?

Not necessarily, depending on the circumstances we might call the night before and make a plan, if rain is forecast. For example we can clean the inside on rainy days and return when the weather is better.

Usually, if it rains after the windows are cleaned outside they will not be affected as the residue (such as pollen, bird droppings or salt) has been removed so rain water droplets just roll off.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, we love animals and are used to working with them around. It is rare that we find them to be unsociable.

What trade associations /qualifications do you have?

The Australian Window Cleaners Federation

Trades Monitor – Insurance, Licence and ABN Compliance

Interactive Training International – (Gold Status Partner) – Oceania’s Premier Training Organisation for the Cleaning and Restoration Industry having qualified in the following areas –

• Complete Carpet Care

• Complete Upholstery – Leather and Fine fabric

• Complete Hard Floor Surfaces

Alertforce – RIIWHS204D – Work Safely At Heights

Surf Life Saving Australia – Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)

Ryde College of  TAFE – Certificate Courses

• Garden Design and Landscape Drawing

• Arboriculture I

• Permaculture

• Horticultural Applications –Tree Maintenance, Plant Recognition, Pruning and Shaping