Building Washing

The gradual build up of grime on a building can be unnoticeable when you see it every day but, to a casual observer, it just looks tired and stale. The transformation achieved by house washing is striking; your home will look fresh and good as new!

We use a more controlled, soft-wash, low-pressure method with the gentlest of chemicals. This more effectively removes mould spores than high pressure cleaning, and is preferable to clean cladding and awnings.

Every surface of the exterior of the building is cleaned from the top down – gable ends; gutters; downpipes; eaves and fascias are soft-washed to remove dirt, grime and cobwebs.

Soft washing is an excellent preparation for painting. In fact, after washing, painting might turn out to be unnecessary!

Our mould removal products, for exterior and interior surfaces, are scientifically proven products. They are formulated to remove and prevent the regrowth of black mould, mildew, algae and moss in problem areas.